The Bar

Enjoy tasting wines and experiencing a bit of Texas history as you "Belly Up" to our 1890's bar. The old cowboys originally drank beer and whiskey at this bar while it was in a saloon in Ottine, Texas. Vacationers to Wimberley bought miniature train tickets and cokes after the bar was moved to 7A Ranch in the 1950ís. In 1984, Willie Nelson borrowed the bar and took it to a movie set on his ranch near Spicewood Springs. The second saloon scene in the movie, The Red Headed Stranger, featured this bar.
Today, people from all over the world stop by and swap tales with Jill and Beth and enjoy some of the best wines made in Texas.

If you can smile and spread a little cheer, you are also welcome to taste from the bar. You don't even have to wear a cowboy hat and spurs, just come as you are. 

Note: The girls will kick your "can" out if you spit tobacco on the floor!

The Czichos Family with 7A Ranch Resort bought it in the 50ís for their Pioneer Town in Wimberley and used it there until recently.